Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a parent-cooperative? In a parent-cooperative, parents serve on a committee of their choice as well as help out in the classroom on a regular basis. Parents who commit to this level of classroom involvement are considered “full-participating” families and pay a lower tuition rate.
  • Is there a “non-participating” option? A non-participating family status is also available, at a higher tuition rate.
  • Does OPI provide wraparound child care? OPI does not currently have the facilities to offer day care.
  • Is there a school supply list? OPI does not require each child to bring specific school supplies. However, we do have a “wish board” on which the teachers post requests for specific classroom supplies. Parents can choose to purchase those items at their own discretion.

What is the tuition at OPI? For full-participating families, tuition for preschool is $150.00 per month. For non-participating families, it is $300.00. Families with children in the 4K program do not pay tuition since it is a public school program.

  • Do you follow the Oregon School District calendar? OPI follows the Oregon School District for closings and days off with minimal variation. OPI’s scheduled closings are listed on the Important Dates page, and in the handbook.
  • What are home visits and why do you do them? The teacher makes a short visit to your home to meet your child before the start of school. Teachers will stay approximately fifteen minutes. They will bring your child’s name tag for his or her first day at school, and take your child’s picture to be used on their placemat at school. This brief meeting helps the child transition into attending school; being familiar with their teacher can help to ease any anxiety the child may have about leaving his or her parents.